OvoServe Acceptable Use Policy

Guidelines for a Safe and Responsible Online Experience.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The “Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)” of the Ovoserve Web Services Private Limited, Applies to all Its Clients and Resellers.

This is defined here to let you know the Rules and Regulations for the Services you have with us. We Reserve the Rights to Modify the AUP policies at any time, which will be in effect from the announcement of new policy or the modification of the existing one.


The Spam Act 2003 prohibits the sending of unsolicited commercial electronic messages known as spam. Spamming activities using the OvoServe services are not allowed and will lead to immediate deactivation of the service without refund.
Using our Services for Distributing, downloading, copying, hosting or storing data, information or content in any form of Illegal matter is subjected to Law. The Client will the sole responsible for his/her content and is subjected to the actions taken by the Government Law.
Unauthorized access such as Cracking or Hacking activities such as accessing other user account without proper authorization, brute forcing and other similar activities are strictly prohibited and are penalized under Information Technology Act 2000.
Using of Harmful software (ex. VIRUS) that cause damages to OvoServe’s Computer hardware and software will lead to Immediate Suspension of service and are penalized According to the Section: 43 of ‘Information Technology Act, 2000’.
Cybercrimes against Government: Cyber Terrorism, Distribution of pirated software, Possession of Unauthorized Information are against law and is strictly not allowed in any of the OvoServe Services.
Intellectual Property Crimes such as software piracy, infringement of copyright, trademark, patents, designs and service mark violation, thefts of computer source code, etc. are act of violations and are subjected to Legal Actions.
Online Gambling and Forgery activities such as Fraudulent offers to sell or buy products/services that may lead to financial scams are not allowed and are penalized under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).
Use of OvoServe Services to store and transmit of child pornography is a severe crime according to the Indian and Dutch Law. The Client is the Sole responsible for the content and is subject for the Punishments as per Law.
Any activities that Interferes the right of accessing the Service by the OvoServe client are considered as an intruder and are punishable by the concern Law.

Reporting Violation:

OvoServe Accepts to receive reports of alleged violations of “Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)” via E-mail sent to [email protected]. The Repots should contain a proper description of the violation with a valid authorization proof along with the Service IP address, Accessable URL of the hosted content. OvoServe will review the submitted report and takes necessary action.
OvoServe Reserves the Right to take any action or forward the complaint to the concern department if the violation found to be true. If required, the OvoServe discloses the customer information to the law enforcement officials if a valid write from the Court requires.
We highly recommend you to Read and Follow the AUP policies to enjoy the Uninterrupted World class services from OvoServe Web Service Private Limited.